Naneek (2015)


Naneek” (USA, 2015)

Filmmaker Neal Steeno documents the epic journey taken by veteran Tim “Naneek” Keenan on his return to Vietnam to see the places and people where he had fought after more than four decades living with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He was accompanied by his son for support as he ventured to face his demons there as a survivor of the infamous Hill 1338 battle in Dak To.

The documentary won an audience award at the Traverse City Film Festival.

Keenan, who lives in Traverse City, will attend the 2pm Sunday showing at P&B to talk about his journey. And Bill O’Brien, a librarian at Hoyt, will lead a discussion of Keenan’s related book, “The Good Hike,” at 2pm Thursday, Nov. 2, at Hoyt Library.