2014 Short Film Festival/ Contest


The festival office is open for submission of your short film. The deadline for submission is
APRIL 1st through SEPTEMBER 15th, 2014.

Films will be placed in the following catagories: Narrative, Animation/Experimental (which we also be judged in the Narrative category - so should have a strong story element.) The short films must be at least 2 minutes in length but not longer than 30 minutes.

Awards for this year's festival will include: Jury-Selected Narrative, and Audience-Award Narrative.

Please download the offical rules/entry form (PDF) for complete details, requirements and submission procedures.

2014 Riverside Saginaw Short Film Festival Rules/Entryform PDF


Contact the Kelly on the Festival Committee if you have any additional questions not covered in the rules or email the festival office

We look forward to another amazing collection of films to review and screen in the 2014 Riverside Saginaw Shorts Festival.









PAST FESTIVAL - 2013 Short Film Festival

25 short films submitted from around the world compete for monetary prizes awarded by our festival’s short films committee and the audience. They were culled from more than 50 entries, and among the finalists are shorts from China, Germany and Spain. A reception follows the two showings on Saturday at Hoyt Library.

Visit for Schedule Page for the Short Film Festival program presentation times.

Special Presentations - 2013 Riverside Saginaw Film Festival Short Film Contest

Short Films - Program 1


  • This Moment
    6:36 minutes

    a Sci-fi..."Groundhog Day-style short."
    Directed by Girard Tecson

  • Her Solemn Cadence
    4:00 minutes

    A Woman with a Secret.
    Directed by Kimberly Howard


  • Cellar Dwellers
    16:00 minutes

    A student won't leave the college's basement.
    Directed by Jim Gleason/Jeff VandeZande


  • Refugio 115
    8:00 minutes

    Evil shadows chase a group of refugees hiding from a war.
    Directed by Ivan Villemel Sanchez


  • Pucker
    9:00 minutes

    A young girl runs a lemonade stand with amusing results.
    Directed by Paul Lenzi

  • Absolution Is Now Public
    15:00 minutes

    A man seeks revenge on another man he has never met.
    Directed by Michael Christianson


  • The Player
    8:25 minutes

    A man has to choose between love and his obsession with Russian roulette.
    Directed by Hayk Matevosyan


  • El Toro
    5:25 minutes

    Two men encounter obstacles on their way to a baseball game.
    Directed by Juan Ramirez


  • Neon Prairie
    15:00 minutes

    Drama involving a young woman, her grandmother, and a special bike.
    Directed by Stephanie Bushey


  • Techno Babble
    9:38 minutes

    This film questions whether technology has made us better people.
    Directed by Tonia L. Carrier


  • Eight
    14:00 minutes

    Evil reaches a young boy about to turn eight.
    Directed by Raul Cerezo


  • Just Grate
    7:33 minutes

    Two teens bond at a party until an unexpected revelation threatens their relationship.
    Directed by Ron Coons/Wendy Keeling


  • Useful Valid True
    10:56 minutes

    Alone in a small room, a man is confronted with questions that have no answers, in a world where there are no lies - only lack of understanding.
    Directed by David Golden


  • A Dollar A Day
    5:46 minutes

    A man sees his paycheck get smaller and smaller much to his chagrin.
    Directed by Ray Etheridge/Migdala Etheridge




Short Films - Program 2


  • The Handbag
    8:00 minutes

    A woman finds a mysterious handbag.
    Directed by Becky Revsz

  • A Masterpiece Quest
    2:00 minutes

    A man seeks the definitive piece of Art.
    Directed by Dejan Mraovic


  • Ni Jing: Thou Shalt Not Steal
    29:00 minutes

    A young woman wakes up in her own blood in the middle of the woods.
    Directed by Roberto Canuto/Xu Xiaoxi

  • The Turtle
    3:00 minutes

    An unusual turtle is on an interesting journey.
    Directed by Matt Gibson


  • A Killer Documentary
    10:43 minutes

    A man evicts tenants in a strange way.
    Directed by Phil Wachowiak


  • Zweibett Zimmer (Double Occupancy)
    9:00 minutes

    Two men are stuck in a hospital room with only one window.
    Directed by Fabian Giessler


  • Small Town Fireworks
    17:00 minutes

    A man and his girlfriend keep running into her ex-boyfriends.
    Directed by Michael McCallum


  • When Bart 6874 Met Lulu 5547
    7:00 minutes

    A man and a woman hope to find love in the singles ads.
    Directed by Michael Manasee


  • Eat Your Vegetables
    2:30 minutes

    A young girl who hates vegetables finds a surprise on the 3rd floor.
    Directed by Joe Rule


  • Damnbulance
    19:00 minutes

    Two ambulance drivers become involved with stealing human organs.
    Directed by Terence Cover


  • The Humans Are Coming
    8:30 minutes

    A zombie family is constantly harassed by their human neighbors.
    Directed by Dustin Alcock


  • Fast Love Second Chances
    11:10 minutes

    A woman searches for love when she joins a speed dating service.
    Directed by Seema Arora










PAST FESTIVAL - RSFF 2012 Short Festival Award Winners!



Two narrative films were selected (tied) for jury award narrative:
Titans of Newark (Narrative), Directed by Mike Marino
Offline (Narrative), Directed by Ian Bawa

Electro-Cute! (Experimental), Directed by Taryn Hough


The Couch Detectives (Narrative), Directed by Steven Oliver

FACE (Experimental), Directed by Grant Harding