2016 Riverside Saginaw Film Festival Donors


First Merit Bank Wealth Management
Morley Foundation
Public Libraries of Saginaw


Delta Public Broadcasting
Frank N. Anderson Foundation
Garber Management Group
Jury Foundation
Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation
Saginaw Arts and Enrichment Commission


Audrey and David Lewis
Alice E. Turner Foundation
Allen Supply
Riverview Brownstones on Hamilton
Saginaw Celebrates Summer


Leading Role
Tanya Blehm
Barbara Doran
Fabiano Brothers
Glastender, Inc.
Leslie and Sherri Gregory
Irene Hensinger
Judy and Jordan Johnson
The Listening Room
Mondays @ 7 Book Club
Quality 10 GSX Theaters
Second Friday Book Club
Kim White


A&D Health Care
Peter Bagley and Jacqueline Doig
Pat Bourdow
Rose Nickodemus
Les and Marion Tincknell
Wolgast Corp
Floyd Kloc
Envision Eye Care
Pat Evans
Marie Guimond and Dave Tuskey
Martha Ann Joseph
Catherine Konn
Marilyn and Doug Leffler
Gene and Shirley Nuckolls
Burris and Kathie Smith
Otto and Collette Sondfeld


Robert Enszer
Looby Baumgarten
Yvonne Becker
Reid Calcott DDS
Joe and Joanne Deneen